Sydney Wedding Photography by Wayne Robertson

Sydney Wedding Photographer, Wayne Robertson has spent many years perfecting the art of wedding photography. In 2008 Wayne was a finalist in the ABIA awards. In 2009 he was voted TOP 3 from all wedding photographers in the running. In 2010 he was again voted TOP 3 in the State awards by the voting brides in New South Wales. With a Bridal rating of 99.91% for Quality, Service & Value for Money...

This Sydney Wedding Photography site by Wayne showcases just a small sample of his Bridal Photography styles and also some of his favorite wedding photography photos. If you are finding it hard to decide which wedding photographer to choose, remember that your photographs will remain with you forever and this should be a deciding factor when making this important decision.
Past clients have been extremely pleased with Wayne's approach to his craft and also his skill when photographing Brides & Grooms of all shapes and sizes.
His specialty is Natural portraits and wedding photography. Wayne understands that everyone needs to be treated differently when being photographed. What works well for one person doesn't necessarily work for others.

I Hear everyone saying the same old thing.... " I don't like my photo being taken"

The reason for this is simple. Most people have never had someone take the time to show them their good points and bad points. Wayne always finds time to share with people his knowledge regarding angles and body shapes etc. This would have to be the key ingredient as to what makes someone look great in a photograph.
Most photographers just click and hope, but by doing that your only going to end up with what Wayne calls 'luck shots'....

Wedding photography is sometimes classified as 100 mile an hour portraiture and it isn't far off the mark. Wayne's ability to work 3 to 4 shots in advance has taken him lots of practice and with time constraints of a wedding day, you need to work fast. With the many Sydney weddings he has covered, it's no wonder he is a very busy Wedding photographer.

Remember you are always free to enquire, and with Wayne you also receive a free introduction DVD.

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