Norman Lindsay Gallery and Cafe

Ceremony   5 STARS
Location     6 STARS
Reception   7 STARS

Norman Lindsay Gallery
A beautiful guests list of around 70 people. All great friends and family. As the stretch limo arrived the scotish piper filled the air with with what can only be described as one of the most unique sounds for wedding ceremonies. On her fathers arm ,Kellie walked through a vine covered column tunnel at the Norman Lindsay Gallery to where they were married.

Afterwards the guests blew so many bubbles it was hard to see the happy couple. The bridal shoot started with a group shot and then about an hour and a half of perfect light. This was only a 3 hour event for myself and was a good measure of time by this well planned bride. I finished the day with a quick drink with guests before leaving. The Norman Lindsay cafe looked after the guests well from that point on.

My ratings for the Location shoot and reception are as follows..

1 to 10 star rating

* Norman Lindsay Galley - ceremony
***** 5 star - A nice garden area and lawn but i felt it held no great view, nor did it have overly manicured areas. Very secluded though & Peaceful.

* Norman Lindsay Galley
******* 7 star -As far as gardens go, there are plenty of opportunities here. A great columned porch to work with and nice little hidden secrets.

* Norman Lindsay Cafe
****** 6 star -Can only accomdate about 60-70 guests and some will be outside the building. Well set in the bush and perfect for small events that require something a little different.

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.

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