Tarpeian Gardens - Ceremony

My Ratings (8 out of 10)

 Tarpeian Gardens - Ceremony
As far as Sydney garden ceremonies go, you can't go past this little spot. Tucked in right behind Sydney Opera house and raised slightly, overlooking the best harbour in the world. Tarpeian gardens is a quiet spot to have a marriage ceremony and the guests will be in awe of the backdrop that is behind you.
Photography in this spot is much better in the mid to late morning becasue of a west setting sun. What i mean by this is when the sun is setting, it falls right behind the harbour bridge and this can make it very difficult to achieve well exposed shots of the harbour. Imagine your photographer pointing his camera at you during your ceremony but having to deal with the sun, right in his/her face.
My own wedding was here and i chose a 1pm ceremony in daylight savings time which was perfect....
The bride will need to walk a fair distance from the car drop off point (about 100m) but it is a great time for the photographer to capture a great moments of her with dad along the way.
 These few shots are from a recent wedding.

Photography around this area can be great when you use the pieces of Sydney harbour which are everywhere. The Harbour bridge, Opera house and the many tree varieties including including eucalypts, cypress pines, kurrajongs, figs and casuarinas. All great for different textures in the use of photography.

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.
By Wayne Robertson
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