Martin Place - Wedding Photography - Sydney

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Martin Place -  Wedding Photography - Sydney

If you are looking for a location in Sydney CBD to have wedding photos taken. A popular spot is Martin Place. Martin Place, formerly known as Moore Street,  is a pedestrian mall in the central business district of Sydney. It can be quite busy at times so background people are going to be something to be careful of. This can be an advantage too if you want to create some movement etc. Every doorway is great for couples to hide in and capture some simple shots using the doorways of the past. Parking can be tricky and if your arriving by Hire car or Limo, you will need to be dropped off in most cases and pickup up when you are finished. Because i often take my Honda Forza to the city, i have great storage and park anywhare capabilities.

Martin Place has a large collection of buildings of various styles, from neo-classical to contemporary. Photography in this area is obviously heavy with architecture and the results can be stunning.

Notable buildings include the following.
The Sydney General Post Office (With Beautiful Column Tunnels).
Bank of Australasia Building
Challis House (No. 4 Martin Place) stands on land bought in 1906 for £500

Commonwealth Bank building (No. 5 Martin Place) is on the corner of Martin Place and Pitt Street. Built in 1916.

My photography has spread beyond the wedding industry and i operate a very successful real estate photography company as well. When you apply the rules from real estate through to portraiture it is truly an amazing eye opener as to what can be achieved and what you notice within photos.
The following image i have returned to the past with an old time newsprint finish in Sepia.

This particular couple ere engaged at martin Place and so the photo shoot was indeed on their checklist. I do have other posts with them on the steps of the Opera House. As the photography in Sydney was coming to an end the city lights began to light up the city stores. I decided to drag the shutter on this next photo and allow the couple to move through the shot. it allows the viewer to take more in about the surrounding area that the wedding couple are visiting.
This area i do feel would be about an hours worth shooting with buildings. then you would need to skim some pavements or compress some of the large paved areas for a variation. Throwing the angle upward works well here as well... very dramatic...

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.
By Wayne Robertson

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