Curzon Hall - Reception

My Ratings (9 out of 10)

Reception Photography at Curzon Hall.

A gorgeous Building inside and out. Some photography issues with a distant ceiling. This will tend to be a softer light which makes photos of Curzons guests something special. One of the tricks i like to use possibly during the bridal waltz. I set up an off camera flash and aim it at a table cloth (away from guests) which creates a soft box effect and skim the light across the dance floor for an interesting look.

The candles can be very handy.

  This third shot was taken before the guests had arrived. the bride and groom were taking a break as most do toward the reception end of their Sydney wedding day. I shot 6 portraits of this entire room with the idea of stitching them together to create one image. I've photographed this room before with a wide angle lens but i wanted to try something different.
I couldn't pull the bend out of the floor at the foreground of this picture but after studying it further i noticed a smile appearing... Then i saw the nose and then the eyes. If you look closer you can make out the 2 eyes are the windows on either side. The mouth being the curve in the floor at the bottom of the picture and the nose could either be the cake table or the centre arch at the back of the room...  A smiling Curzon hall!
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please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.
By Wayne Robertson
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