Sydney Wedding Photos - Cumberland Street Sydney

My Ratings (8 out of 10)

Wedding Photography -  Cumberland Street Sydney

Between the Cahill Express Way and Harrington street in The Rocks is Cumberland St. Great little area if your shooting Observatory Hill through to The Rocks. It is in the area of the bridge stairs that is most interesting.
Lots of little changes everywhere from steel bars to brickwork and stone. Some beautiful trees line the bridge and in late March to early May are a smashing golden red. Great against a blue sky.
 In this following shot you can see the trees from the stairs.

The are a line of coloured heritage buildings if you check down the stairs opposite the Pub on the corner. All of which have quaint little doorways for your photographer to work with. If he's paying attention.

There's even a zebra crossing for some fun.

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.
By Wayne Robertson
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