All Saints Anglican Church, North Parramatta

My Ratings ( 6 out of 10 ) 

Photography at All Saints Church

Probably one of the most used churches in the Parramatta area is All Saints Anglican church on Victoria Rd. With its huge steeple that reaches higher than most in the area it can be seen from quite a distance. I used to live nearby and could see it from my kitchen window every morning and they have bell ringing practice sessions on Wednesdays.
I have covered alot of weddings here and every time i do there are many things that i think could be improved...
It is not the brightest of churches but with good equipment your photographer should be able to eliminate the problem of low light. 

One of the biggest problems that used to bring to my clients attention is the use of the staff incorrectly. One of the helpers is a sweet little old lady that is there on nearly every wedding day. She seems to be instructed by the minister/s to direct the bridal party into the main door of the church and down the aisle. The problem as the photographer is i usually like to stand about half way down the aisle to be able to capture the brides entrance with her father and also the bridesmaid as well. Every time i would steer my lens toward the beginning of their walk, i see the "little old lady" in the background, Foretunately the All Saints Minister has eliminated this small problem  for all of us photographers and this shows that All saints Really cares about the many couples that they service. Thank you All saints!

The church does have a nice arch at the main doorway to capture dad and daughter's silhouette. Upstairs access is usually not a problem either.....  

The other main problem i have faced is the tree at the front of the church at the end of the day. It casts a large shadow over guests and bridal party when they exit. This can be difficult to deal with on a sunny day with speckled light everywhere. The earleir the better if you have a choice.

Overall i have shot alot better Sydney churches than this one with regards to your wedding photography.

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.

By Wayne Robertson
Ph: 0405 266 366