Our lady of Sacred Hearts Church - Randwick

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My Ratings (7out of 10)

The first thing you niotice about this church in Randwick,Sydney is it's grand size by the side of the road. It's quite impressive and worth a photograph from the opposite side of the road. there is plenty of pavement in the foreground area to capture the bridal party entering and preparing to get ready for the ceremony. A nice large sized foyer to work with and you can capture some nice father daughter shots there.
Now for the interior.

 Rather high ceilings can be difficult in some churches due to the lack of bounce for your flash if you are thinking of shooting this way. Some photographers swear by not using a flash at all, i say if i can better the result i will use it. Never close the door on another piece of equipment if it can help.
 Luckily, this church produces enough light to go with or without flash. There are soft cream tones that surround the alter and can produce a very moody effect if handled correctly. You can achieve a spot lit effect due to the soft light falling on the raised area of the alter. The architecture falls all around every shot you take in this church. The walls, the stone work, steps, everything.

Nice Symmetry (as with most churches) will allow for grand archway shots upon entry and a centre aisle is always nice for the guests to observe the formality of the entry. The last time i worked here the carpet was a Yale or Prussian blue. Very nice.

If your photographer is thinking of leaving the church quickly after your ceremony, he may be missing some great opportunities within the very walls of the church. Just near the entry of the church is a winding staircase that seems to go on forever. It's very thin for a larger dress but worth the struggle for a great shot.

please note: these ratings are based on photography only and not the wedding couple nor their wedding day.
By Wayne Robertson
Ph: 0405 266 366t