Wedding Photography Locations

Finding your wedding photography location

Whether you are getting married in the great city of Sydney or taking your guests to a more remote location such as the Blue Mountains or even the Hunter Valley, the following pages will be very helpful in finding the perfect wedding photography location.
As a wedding photographer myself, I am presented with many variations to work with from lush green fields to old architecture and buildings. Every couple to be married will have some idea of what they would like to see within their wedding day photos. Usually they have seen some images from that location which has no doubt drawn them to choose the area for their own special day together.
I have included many photos from all sorts of locations including ceremonies and receptions.
Each location has been rated out of 10 for its photography advantage.

So what do we need to look for when choosing the perfect photography location? Let's start with the natural scenes first.

Gardens, Trees and Views

The busiest time of the year for wedding photographers is Springtime, this is when most colourful flowers are blooming and can create gorgeous colourful backdrops. Most couples know this and opt for this time of year. These locations may include:

Botanical gardens
Mountain Ranges
Rivers and Streams
Golf Courses
  • It is important to preview any locations you might be considering for photos in the same season as your wedding, and ideally at the same time of day that you will be shooting.
  • Unusual trees within the location that can create great shapes for your photographer to work with.
  • Look for pathways, tracks or small roads. These can create leading lines within your images.
  • Park benches, Retaining Walls and even Old Gates. Nice additions to a photo and can give a rural feel.
  • Colour. Always attempt to include the colourful areas that you notice
  • Level ground for your ceremony. Photos can look tilted if the ground is not level and guests wont appreciate sitting on an leaning chair.
  • Repeat patterns usually within tree foliage. Heavy textures and patterns within the backdrop will return more interesting photos.
  • Hilly locations. Rises and falls in the landscape offer better options for your photographer to work with.
  • Stunning Vistas or views. No doubt that if you love the look of the countryside or area this will return to you in your wedding photography. 
It is well said that you get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography. Ask your photographer what his ideas are on this type of area. A good photographer will be looking for all of the above when scouting the area. He/she should be including these features within your photos. After all this is why you chose the location in the first place.
Don't choose an inexperienced photographer to shoot a dull area. They will fail you. I've always had the notion that a great photographer should be able to photograph you in a plain paddock with just a single tree and still create gold from it.

City Areas, Buildings and Architecture 


Almost all wedding photography will at some stage of the day include these areas. They can include:

City Areas
New and Old Buildings
Wedding Venues
Man made items

So what should you be searching for:
  • Alley ways and quiet corners. With city locations you will want to isolate your group from the public  to some degree.
  • Statues, Poles/Columns and Monuments. Nice elements to include with this type of photography.
  • Interesting windows and Doors. These will reflect the buildings in the area that you have chosen
  • Colour. Always attempt to include the colourful areas that you notice.
  • Interesting Brickwork. Nothing says inner city feel like the repetitive pattern of brickwork.
  • Night time Ambient light. If you are having your reception in the area, it is nice to capture some night shots too. it helps if there are lit windows, street lights and some sort of area to work in.

These are just some quick ideas on what to look for when choosing your photography location. Whether it's for your ceremony or Location shoot or reception, the same applies. Please feel free to browse any areas that are of interest to you and see what my thoughts are on these areas. You may find other things to look for within my comments.

                                                                               Thanks for Reading

                                                                                                Wayne Robertson